10 Mistakes Keeping You from Growing That Long Natural Hair

Everyone wants a hair that is long hair that is long. You can have a long natural hair by avoiding these ten mistakes.

1. Not Trimming Ends

Trimming our hair help it in staying healthier. The ends, which is your hair’s oldest part splits naturally at around three months. When you remove the split ends, you prevent further damage to other parts of the similar hair strand. So, whether you use a professional stylist, dust, or search and destroy to trim your hair, it’s going to help in keeping it in ideal shape.

2. Not Working in Sections

If you have very textured and thick hair, and you work in sections when it comes to conditioning, detangling, and shampooing, these steps save you time ultimately. It will allow you to moisturize, condition, detangle and cleanse adequately and more efficiently.

Besides, you could also experiment proficiently with products. You can learn how your hair is responding to various products when you apply a certain product to one section and another different one to another section. That will decrease your test and guess time.

3. Not Protective Styling

Hair can break at the same rate it’s growing. Protective styling is typically designed to give your hair protection, particularly the most fragile and oldest part of your hair, which is the ends from the common kinds of breakage. Usually, the most breakage forms are dry, brittle hair and over manipulation. Protective styling often prevents moisture loss and minimize breakages; this helps you in retaining more length. As a result, your hair is going to increase in length with minimal breakage.

4. Over Doing Protective Styling

Some women will use the protective style for three consecutive months without giving proper care to their hair and scalp. Usually, this is counterproductive and could lead to thinning hair. When you do Protective Styling, it does not mean that you can now neglect your scalp and hair. You must continue maintaining moisturizing, conditioning, and regular shampooing schedule.

Synthetic hair prolonged wearing could damage your hair cuticle permanently. The synthetic fibers slowly cut into your hair strand and create little tears into its cuticle. That could damage the hair severely over time.

5. Moisturizing Inadequately

Oils such as castor oil are known to be excellent sealant oils (sealing oils); these are oils sealing the cuticle of the hair. They usually lock in moisture, preventing it from escaping. They’re ideal for climates that are extreme. However, the disadvantage limits the moisture amount entering the hair at the time of re-hydration. If you are using butter or heavy oils, you should shampoo regularly to rehydrate your hair fully. You should hydrate your hair with water before you start using butter or the sealing oils, by opening your hair cuticles; shampoo is designed for this.

6. Incorrect Detangling

Incorrect detangling could be the cause of self-induced and mechanical hair damage. Your hair is usually most fragile when it is wet. Take your time when detangling. If you have that tangles and knots easily, you should pre-poo using coconut oil and detangle gently before shampooing, it will prevent damage to your hair.

7. Rarely Washing Your Hair

You should shampoo your hair every 7 to 14 days and co-wash in between as required. Washing your hair will open up your follicles and hair cuticle. The molecules of water bind to your hair internal structure entering your hair follicles during the process of washing. Cleansing your scalp and hair effectively with a sulfate-free shampoo that’s gentle, rids it of product build up bacteria. A scalp that’s healthy is essential for hair growth.

8. Just Finger Detangling

Tight natural curls lock each other when you add hair that’s shredded to the mix could create stubborn tangles and matting. Use a wide tooth comb to remove shredded hair; it prevents it from creating those tangles and snaking around the hair.

9. Avoiding the Pre-Poo Step

This step is helpful in increasing moisture retention and protecting your hair. If you are suffering from dry, damaged hair, you shouldn’t skip this step.

10. Ignoring the Signs

You should know that your hair reflects your general health. When it’s brittle, dry or when you are undergoing hair loss or excess shedding, it’s a sign that there something wrong. It can be hormonal or nutritional. You must eat a balanced diet, drink enough water, take multivitamins and exercise regularly to stay healthy.

To, conclude, avoiding these mistakes will ensure that you have that long natural hair that you always want.